Members Operating Principles

These operating principles are designed to promote professionalism and positive relations with stakeholders, governments and the public. When a company or person becomes a member of the Yukon Wood Products Association, they agree to the following operating principles:

    Members will represent themselves and their businesses by:

    • Being respectful of the YWPA, other members, the public, clients and government regulators in all our dealings with them.
    • Listening to what clients and other parties are saying and treat them in a courteous and fair manner.
    • Considering advice provided to the association and when possible respond to that advice.
    • Accepting responsibility for your actions and making reasonable effort to correct situations where clients and others have been offended or poorly treated.
    • Representing the association when called upon to do so in a manner that does not bring the association into perceived conflicts of interest; members are asked to not accept a call to represent the association unless they can do so in a manner that does not unreasonably promote their own business interests.

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